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Our care products are as good for the inside as they are for the outside. Shampoos are sulfate-free, conditioners and treatments are filled with anti-agers, our A.C.E. of vitamins and all are color-safe. Our regimedies combine a shampoo, conditioner and treatment to take hair to a new dimension repairing and preparing it for style.Visit the I.C.O.N. products website for more information.


Free, Moisturizing Conditioner
De-stress with this lightweight rinse-out conditioner that instantly allows hair to feel liberated, hydrated, free.
- Strengthen, smooth and protect
- Pour dry, chemically-charged hair the drink it needs
- Improve the resilience of brittle hair
- Entice silkiness to the surface
- For all hair types

Drench, Moisturizing Shampoo
Saturate hair with moisture, manageability and shine. Lather in a rich, hydrating luxury for deep-penetrating performance.
- Repair and strengthen chemically treated hair
- Quench dry hair’s thirst for protection
- Improve the condition of brittle strands
- Indulge hair’s inner brilliance
- For all hair types

Inner home, Moisturizing Treatment
A super moisture mask that works from the inside out to restore, replenish and repair structure from the inner to outer layer.
- Smooth erratic texture
- Bring out hair’s inner health
- Promote incredible shine, from the inside out
- Strengthen hair with proteins
- For all hair types


Energize, detoxifying Conditioner
Continues to energize hair into a more strengthened resiliently bright, youthful appearance. Cool the scalp while promoting healthier, silkier hair.
- Stimulate scalp
- Create healthier follicles
- Strengthen hair growth
- Detangle with smoothing conditioners
- For all hair types

Energy, Detoxifying Shampoo
Gives hair energy by invigorating and balancing for a re-life. Stimulate and purify the scalp to promote healthier hair.
- Energize follicles for stronger hair
- Cool the scalp
- Promote blood flow
- Encourage shine
- For all hair types

Shift, Detoxifying Treatment
An essential, pre-shampoo treatment to shift the overall state of the hair from scalp to ends to soothe and stimulate healthy hair growth and refresh the senses.
- Treat the scalp
- Promote a stronger environment
- Rejuvenate tired hair follicles
- Refresh hair with a blend of peppermint
- For all hair types


Antidote, Antioxidant Replenishing Cream
An antioxidant replenishing cream to help damaged hair while increasing body. This vitamin-packed leave-in cream conditions, adds body, moisturizes and replenishes damaged hair.
- Smooth away damage
- Infuse hair with moisture
- Create a youthful, vitamin-powered surface
- Prepare hair for style
- For all hair types

Fully, Antioxidant Shampoo
An antioxidant shampoo that rejuvenates form while adding body and shine. Encourage full body and enhance form and shine with added proteins.
- Increase body and strength
- Build form
- Add volume while nourishing
- Create the ageless look of shine
- For all hair types

Respond, Antioxidant Conditioner
A protein enriched antioxidant moisturizer for added body. Return your hair to its youthful glory and deliver a smoother, less frazzled surface with aloe, antioxidants, and the A.C.E. of vitamins.
- Soothe frazzled surfaces
- Encourage renewed collagen production
- Build sexy, responsive shine
- Infuse hair with age-defying vitamins
- For all hair types


Infusion, Hydrating Remedy
A hydration treatment that reverses damage,renews health and adds body. Lightweight and ideal for all hair types to maintain healthy condition and provide body and shine in a minute.
- Enrich hair’s core
- Maintain healthy condition
- Transform hair with hybrid technology
- Mask away damage
- Bring on the shine
- For all hair types

Proshield, Protein Treatment
Professional only shield to protect weak and brittle hair, imparting the ultimate strength needed for fullness and shine. Protect and repair damaged hair with a strengthening protein blend.
- Replace lost protein
- Strengthen weak, brittle hair
- Increase fine hair’s diameter
- Repair internal damage

Inner, Moisturizing Treatment
This treatment offers a therapeutic remedy that penetrates deep into the hair to help reconstruct and rebuild, undoing damage done by chemicals and other environmental elements like sun and wind.
- Reconstruct hair’s inner core
- Infuse moisture and strength
- Treat overly processed and stressed hair
- Hydrate as it repairs chemical and environmental damage
- Balance porosity


Cure, Replenishing Spray
A true cure for dry, overly stressed and unruly hair with cumulative benefits for hair as well as humanity. Condition, restore and soothe tired, dry, “sick” hair. Each purchase guarantees a donation to cancer research organizations like STOP CANCER.
- Eliminate dry, damaged hair
- Rebuild weak strands
- Bathe locks in silky texture
- Manage the slip, lock in the moisture


ndia from I.C.O.N. captures the essence of health and tranquility inside a product line that incorporates ancient practices with the restorative oils of Moringa and Argan. The women of India use these oils to heal. I.C.O.N. uses them for hair-yurvedic benefits to transform hair from dull & lifeless to silky, manageable and full of shine with an Amber fragrance.

24K, Richly Exotic Masque
A rich detangling-conditioning masque. Change hair’s inner core with pure gold micro-bursts and microscopic mixers.
- Restorative Moringa, Argan, Amber oils are joined by Coconut and Olive Fruit Tree oils to hydrate, nourish, strengthen.
- Super-antioxidants renew.

India Oil
Strengthen, detangle, add smooth brilliance with this gem. Like liquid gold, it always leaves hair more manageable with amazing shine.
- Soothe away frayed strands
- Wrap hair with sensuality
- Dip into the luxury of smooth
- Indulge the slip
- Penetrate and nourish

India Shampoo
Infuse each strand with glossy strength with this exceptionally rich lather. An exotic blend of Moringa and Argan oils nourishes and heals.
- Encourage a youthfully smooth feel
- Help smooth hair with African Shea Butter
- Revitalize lifeless locks
- Wash in tranquility
- Indulge the senses

India Conditioner
Transform hair’s inner health and outer luster with this exotic strengthening treatment. Moringa and Argan oils combine to bring intense power to drab locks.
- Revitalize hair from scalp to ends
- Facilitate healthier hair growth
- Infuse each strand with deep brilliance
- Grab onto a miracle
- Help treat and heal

India Healing Spray
Transform all hair with a leave-in remedy to fortify each strand. Aloe Leaf soothes as Quinoa penetrates to reverse damage, bind moisture.
- Penetrates deeply into hair to help reverse long-term damage
- Argan restores luster, depth
- Amber’s scent intrigues